Don’t be misled by person like this…

Don’t be misled by a person like this…


A person who decides what you can do or can’t do.

A person who tells you what you should or shouldn’t do.

A person who puts the breaks on the things you want to do.


Don’t listen to a person who tries to push you to their own standards.


Just let them say what they want to say.

They’re not you.


If they say things like,

“I’m saying this for the sake of you.”

That’s bullshit.



“I’m saying this because I’m worried about you.”

Oh, yeah?

If that’s your choice to be worried then,

please be my guest.


It’s not your responsibility.

The choice is up to them.


If they really think about you then,

they would be rooting for what you’re doing,

they would say “Go for it, you’ll be OK!”.


That’s because “Love is to give freedom”.


Don’t get trapped with a person who tries to push you to their own standards.


They may actually just be jealous about you simply because you’re freely doing things .


Just set the scale to your own standards .


And trust the feeling coming from your inner self which says,

“I don’t know why but I just want to try it.”

“I just need to do it.”

“I’m just so excited about it!”


Just confidently follow these signals coming from within yourself.


Anxiety and worry  just creates negative realities.


Don’t let your precious energy pour into such things.

Pour your energy into creating the reality you want to see.


Simply be faithful to the encouraging feelings which come from within yourself.


Don’t think too much in your head,

just set your intention and move forward.


Stick to yourself and belive in yourself.


That’s confidence.


You’ll be OK, you’ll be just fine:)


Don’t be misled by _____   〜に惑わされないで、振り回されないで
stick to yourself 自分自身にくっつく、というのが直訳。熟語としての意味は、当初の自分のプランに従う、最初のアイデアから離れない。それが「自分を信じて!」ブレない。にもなる。

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